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Who we are...

We are Scoped Solutions Ltd!

We are an environmentally aware UK software development company based in the North West, serving Preston, Burnley, Manchester and the surrounding areas.

What we do...

We reduce waste!

We develop bespoke software systems to reduce or remove wasteful business processes thus having a positive effect on both the environment and your bottom line.

Who we do it for...

Businesses just like yours!

We can help you reduce waste, improve efficiency and help save the planet by developing insightful business applications tailored to your business.

Tell me about waste....

Most businesses have processes that either use paper, use fuel, or consume time. We aim to reduce waste in one or all of these areas.

A wasted hour, a wasted sheet of paper, a wasted mile of travel will all have both a financial cost and an environmental one.

Printing a single ream of paper costs the environment:

  • 250 litres of Water
  • 240g of Carbon Dioxide
  • 1/2 Litre of Crude Oil

Every ten miles of wasted travel costs the environment:

  • 70 litres of Water
  • 3Kg of Carbon Dioxide
  • 2.4 Litres of Crude Oil

Why bespoke software?

Only bespoke software can truly reflect the way your business works and is flexible enough to recognise your specific business needs.

The more efficient and well fitting the software is the more efficient your business will be and the less waste it will generate.

The less waste your business generates the better it is for your bottom line, your staff....and the environment!

Benefits of well executed software include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved environmental performance
  • Better collaboration
  • Improved corporate image
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved bottom line

Bring your data to life!

Spreadsheet and paper based systems (even old software systems) can be unwieldy and error prone, with data scattered all over the place.

That's before you consider the environment cost of paper or indeed time wasted hunting down the right spreadsheet data.

A bespoke software system can bring all your data together in one place which can be easily shared among users - meaning everyone has the right information at their fingertips, instantly.

Data can be viewed, searched, filtered and reported on - turning your data into concise, actionable information without the need for printing!

We do mobile too!

Mobile apps can revolutionise how you work!

Cut out paper form processing, put information in the hands of those who need it.

Add the ability to gather signatures or take photos adding a new dimension to your data.

Push worklists, calendars, diaries, instructions, checklists etc to staff in the field.

Useful dashboards, useful actions

We can create custom dashboards and reports containing metrics, graphs, lists and charts to bring key data in focus.

Users will be able to monitor key metrics and take appropriate action without waiting for someone to collate information from a dozen different spreadsheets.

Different users can be shown different information depending on their role, department or access level, ensuring the right data is seen by the right people at the right time.


Starting with an informal and jargon free discussion we'll get to know your business and the business processes currently in place so we can show you how software can improve them.


Following on from initial discussions we'll bring together our business experience and software skills to develop a solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.


When you’re happy with the solution we’ll work with you and your staff to implement the solution and provide training and ongoing technical support.

Feature rich!

  • Postcode Lookup
  • SMS Messaging
  • Document Generation and Population
  • Email Messaging
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Tasks, Calendars and Visual Planners
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Custom Dashboards...and much more!

A small sample of projects

Solarcrest - Bespoke Software Development Services in Burnley, Preston, Manchester and throughout Lancashire and the wider North West


Solarcrest provide complete retrofit of MVHR systems to domestic and commercial properties. The generation of estimates and quotes for each system was becoming very time intensive and consuming valuable admin time.

We developed a solution for them which combined a back office job management system, an estimate generation system and web form, which together allow a bespoke estimate to be generated directly from the customer enquiry via the web enquiry form. Data from the form is populated directly into their customer database and with a single click an estimate is generated with custom pricing and wording.

The Boiler People - Bespoke Software Development Services in Burnley, Preston, Manchester and throughout Lancashire and the wider North West

The Boiler People

The Boiler People supply and install energy saving measures Boilers across the North West. One of their biggest issues was tracking the progress of installations and surveys and managing the collection and submission of documentation.

We built them a customer database and job management system allowing them to record and find all their customer information and to create, allocate and track customer installations. Job allocation is via a visual team planner, which can also generate worksheets and diaries for installers and surveyors which is sent to a mobile app.

Bridge Street Stone - Bespoke Software Development Services in Burnley, Preston, Manchester and throughout Lancashire and the wider North West

Bridge Street Stone

Bridge Street Stone are a builders merchants focusing on stone and masonry. They have very specific challenges due to the way stock is delivered vs sold.

They approached us to develop a web based Quote, Order and Stock management system to remove inefficiencies in the business and take better control of stock. The application allows all departments to share the same information, automatically generate accurate quotes and ensure the correct stock amounts are deducted at despatch. The system provides stock and finance reports, is fully searchable and tracks order progress.

Alben - Bespoke Software Development Services in Burnley, Preston, Manchester and throughout Lancashire and the wider North West

Alben Landscapes

Alben Landscapes are a commercial landscaping company. Their existing system was causing them problems and wasn't flexible enough to cope with the volume and complexity of their business so they commissioned us to develop and end to end solution for their business operations.

The application we developed allows them to track the progress of a job from initial enquiry through various quoting and re-quoting stages all the way to order fulfilment via a mobile app for site workers. The application facilitates generation of all their internal and external documentation as pdf’s and provides large screens for project planning and tracking.

Process Instruments - Bespoke Software Development Services in Burnley, Preston, Manchester and throughout Lancashire and the wider North West

Process Instruments

Process Instruments are a manufacturer of water quality and water analysis equipment who distribute their products worldwide.

In order to streamline their internal processes we developed a fully featured CRM that was designed around their specific operating methods. The CRM, as well as providing the usual sales lead management functions also facilitates works order processing, KPI’s, reports, a comprehensive service ticket management system and a full custom quoting section including discounts and multi currency.

Key Security- Bespoke Software Development Services in Burnley, Preston, Manchester and throughout Lancashire and the wider North West

Key Security Ltd

Key Security provide key holding, alarm response and mobile patrols. Their biggest difficulties were keeping track of the scheduled patrols, ensuring officers knew exactly what procedure to carry out at each site and tracking the progress and status of alarm responses.

We built them a system which allowed them to keep in control of all their customers, sites, officers, jobs, invoices and procedures including a mobile app for their security officers., Colwyn Bay , Wales
Bespoke contractor management system (Database driven bespoke web application)

Plastics 4 Performance, Bolton
Bespoke CRM for customers, orders, works order, production planning and quotes.

Process Instruments, Burnley, Lancashire
Bespoke CRM with stock management, KPIs, sales and prospect management (Database driven bespoke web application)

AMS Neve Ltd, Burnley, Lancashire
Bespoke Customer helpdesk and complaint / issue resolution tracking (Database driven bespoke web application)

Bridge Street Stone, Colne, Lancashire
Complete end to end sales and fulfilment CRM (Database driven bespoke web application)

Adlington Homes, Cheshire
Custom Property construction and sales management system (Database driven bespoke web application)

Alben Landscapes, Preston
Bespoke Job Management / Allocation (Database driven bespoke web application with mobile app)

Harman Technology Ltd, Manchester
Bespoke application to control a densitometer and graphn scanned results.

Arcadia Group Ltd, Leeds, Yorkshire
Outsource development services

Jacuzzi Spa & Bath Limited, Leeds, Yorkshire
Outsource development services

Green Improvements, Wigan
Bespoke Insulation installation management system (Database driven bespoke web application in Xpages)

Solarcrest (Distribution) Ltd, Macclesfield, Cheshire
Bespoke Estimate generation, web form integration and CRM (Database driven bespoke web application )

Lucite Ltd, Blackburn, Lancashire
Outsource development services

The Boiler People, Preston, Lancashire
Mobile survey / canvassing / lead generation app (Database driven bespoke web application with mobile)

Heritage Garden Buildings Ltd, Lancashire
Custom Workshop and manufacturing management, orders and delivery notes (Database driven bespoke web application)

Regiment Support Service, Lancashire
Bespoke Sales team management system (Database driven bespoke web application)

Key Security (UK) Ltd, Leeds
Bespoke Mobile App and CRM for security services with mapping and GPS tracking (Database driven bespoke web application and mobile with NFC and GPS)

Aran Services, Bedfordshire
Boiler installation management system including job and document management and mobile app (Database driven bespoke web application)

Skipton Properties, Keighley
Custom Property construction and sales management system (Database driven bespoke web application)

NHS Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale CCG, Lancashire
Performance Management / Action Plans (Database driven bespoke web application in Xpages)

Heritage Spas Ltd, Lancashire
Bespoke Hot Tub sales, delivery and service management system (Database driven bespoke web application)

Rochdale BC, Rochdale, Lancashire
Bespoke Empty (Void) Property Management System(Database driven bespoke web application)

Wedge Group Galvanizing Limited, Bradford, Yorkshire
Outsource development services

URP Ltd, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Custom CRM and job management (Database driven bespoke web application)

Eclipse Energy, Leeds
Tailored CRM, Job Management and Document Management (Database driven bespoke web application)

Beck Homes, Blackburn
Bespoke CRM for Property and Sales Management (Database driven bespoke web application)

Insta Group, Wokingham
Bespoke CRM for Job and Document Management (Database driven bespoke web application)

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